Pre-teen, Adolescent, & College Nutrition

Teens have unique nutritional needs and often need more education on eating in a balanced, sustainable way. This information is often received more favorably when it comes from someone other than a parent.

Nutrition counseling is offered to teens to help them develop health-promoting eating and exercise habits. We will also help your teen learn to feel comfortable with their body image.

This can be a challenge in the media-driven culture of dieting we live in. As eating disorder specialists we are sensitive to the potential for eating disorders and disordered eating at this tender age. We use weight neutral language and a non-shaming approach when discussing eating and exercise habits.

We also provide expert sports nutrition guidance for sports-active and competitive athletes at all levels.

Our Nutrition Services help your teen & pre-teen children learn about:

  • Balanced eating as a vegetarian
  • Feeling comfortable in their own bodies and body image
  • Managing emotional eating
  • Proper nutrition for all types of sports

College Students

Eating disorders are prevalent on college campuses and pose significant risks to student health, well-being, and academic performance. We have seen an increase in eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors among college students, particularly since COVID. Our team of dietitians can help a student navigate eating and body image challenges as well as provide expert sports nutrition information with convenient virtual appointment times.

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