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At Erica Leon Nutrition, our greatest pleasure is helping people learn to make peace with food and their body image.

We recognize that one-on-one counseling isn’t for everyone nor for every situation which is why we offer the self-study options below.

Embrace: The Support Group for women over 40

Embrace: A Non-Diet Support Group for Women over 40, 50 and 60!

When you are learning to let go of diets and challenging the societal norms of what a body is “supposed to look like,” it is helpful to be in community with others going through the same challenges.

Embrace is a 12- week, LIVE group support program for women at midlife and beyond.

We focus on supporting participants with a Non-Diet Approach and incorporating Intuitive Eating and Body Image Training to help you along your journey.

Eat Live Nourish Intuitive Eating Group for women over 40

Eat.Live.Nourish is a 3 month, LIVE (virtual) Intuitive Eating Group for women 40, 50 and 60+

Eat.Live.Nourish.™  is led by Rebecca Rikon, a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Social Worker with the Erica Leon Nutrition team.

Rebecca guides participants on a proven path to incorporating the principles of Intuitive Eating into your life.  As you work together through the workbook and learn the habits, you discover newfound confidence to live with more freedom and ease!

Get more details on the next Eat.Live.Nourish group and apply for the program today.

Ready to Ditch Diets and Embrace Intuitive Eating?

If you are ready to try a NEW APPROACH… I invite you to sign up for my Intuitive Eating Essentials Online Course and Find Food Freedom and Body Peace Forever.

This self-study Intuitive Eating Essentials Online Course offers you ways to work through these challenging times we live in and continue to stay on your path of making peace with food and your body image.  Get access to step-by-step training to help you leave the world of diet culture behind and build habits that stay with you forever! PLUS get the BONUS of the Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal that is included!

Nutritional Guidance for Eating Disorder Recovery:  Your path to Intuitive Eating

If you are recovering from an eating disorder and feel ready to practice skills that connect your mind and body, our Nutritional Guidance program is just right for you. This self-study program will help you discover what “normal eating” means, become aware of your hunger and fullness cues, address food and shopping challenges, and understand how to make snacks feel satisfying. You will also learn about mindfulness and reactive eating and get access to an exercise to help you with your reactive eating.

Register today for this course for only $19 and begin your journey with Nutritional Guidance from Erica Leon, an Eating Disorders Specialist and Registered Dietitian

Recipes for Recovery Cookbook

Recipes for Recovery is a cookbook to inspire you to try new flavors, to feel more comfortable in the kitchen and find satisfaction with your food. There are no triggering numbers, and we are not here to “prescribe” meals, calorie counts, or rules.

We are here just to give you some new options. To practice being mindful with your eating, to challenge your ideas about which foods you “should” or “should not” eat, to reconnect with positive eating experiences you had before the eating concerns as you veer out of your comfort zone — just a little — as you feel ready and willing.

Upgrade your copy and get these bonuses! 

  • A digital PDF copy of the Recipes for Recovery Cookbook.
  • A guided video lesson on using the cookbook
  • An eBook with a lesson on and understanding the two critical concepts

Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal

This is the only journal that gives you a way to focus on building self-care habits that are guaranteed to help you develop a happy, stress-free, and positive relationship with food.

Journaling is one of the best ways to help you achieve your goals. Instead of burdening yourself with restrictive diets, which only lead to feelings of deprivation, backsliding and guilt, instead you will focus on the self-care strategies to improve your health.

Includes health tracking pages and ones for tracking menopause symptoms and more! Stay organized and plan your days for YOU!  Focus on what’s important to you versus what’s grabbing your attention in the moment and that often is taking of others, not ourselves.

Get your Intuitive Eating Planner and Journal PLUS Bonus Lesson for only $37