Nutrition Matters during Midlife, Menopause and Beyond

Bodies change as they age and especially when going through midlife.. Yet, society actively tells people that being younger and thinner is the beauty ideal, and it becomes increasingly difficult for people to embrace their bodies and body image throughout the aging process.  Additionally,  there are unique stressors associated with this life phase, such as parenting, marital or relational discord, divorce, “empty-nest” syndrome, aging, chronic illness, or career changes.

Eating disorders, disordered eating and/or chronic dieting are common during the midlife and menopausal transition. It is painful to process these changes while trying to heal your relationship with your body. 

Working with a Registered Dietitian who specializes in nutrition for midlife and menopause can help you learn what your body needs to thrive and help you find a new world of food freedom when you finally let go of diets and diet mentality.

Whether you are recovered/recovering from an eating disorder or struggling with yo-yo dieting, trying to learn how to work with the changes of your body as you head into menopause and beyond, you will find the common sense in learning to be “attuned” with your body.

Discover what your body needs – with custom nutrition plans for you and your specific situation – and how you can nourish your body with respect to the critical areas of your health during midlife and menopause.

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Our Midlife and Menopause Nutrition Services help you focus on your heart, bone, brain and gut health as well as incorporating movement and self care with a weight inclusive approach.

Erica Leon is the dietitian on our team who specializes in Nutrition for Midlife and Menopause, and she works with her clients virtually helping them create a custom nutrition plan to fuel your mind and your body. Ready to get started and get off the diet roller coaster and find food freedom??

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Book a consult
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to determine your specific nutrition needs.

Step 2

Begin a new journey by providing your body what it needs to Eat, Live and Nourish as you age.

Step 3

Experience the freedom of living life on your terms with joy and peace when it comes to your body and food.


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When you are in the stage of life where you experience perimenopause, menopause and beyond, this guide will help you learn what your body needs during this time in your life!

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