Meet Elyse Falk MS, RDN, CDN


elyse-falk dietitian nutritionistElyse Falk is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist specializing in eating disorder treatment and prevention, wellness and family nutrition. Her personalized approach aimed at meeting the client where they are at in the recovery process is her guiding principle. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor she helps her clients move away from the ‘dieting cycle’ and focus on building a healthy relationship with food. She finds innovative and sustainable solutions that will work for YOU!

Elyse is authentic and passionate about helping those with disordered eating patterns and has worked at the residential program, Monte Nido New York at Irvington, and at Cedar Associates, a private outpatient eating disorder program.

She has provided meal support, group and individual nutrition therapy and helped her clients feel comfortable around food. Elyse graduated from Syracuse University and holds a master’s degree in nutritional sciences from New York University.

She has worked as a research coordinator for the American Health Foundation on a national long term breast cancer study. Elyse has three wonderful, energetic boys. She volunteers her time to her school district as the nutrition chairperson and a member of the district’s wellness committee. Her self care includes walking her dog, taking Pilates, going out to restaurants, and travelling when she can.

Let’s focus on building a healthy relationship with food.”

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