Intuitive Eating Essentials

An Intuitive Eating Online Course

Are you tired of being at war with your waistline?
Do you find yourself eating “emotionally” and feeling out of control, despite trying even harder to control your food intake?
Would you like to make peace with what you eat?

…You’ve been struggling with food so long, you don’t even know what it would be like to stop fighting!

…You’ve counted, you’ve measured, you’ve meal planned, you’ve ridden the roller coaster of diets more times than you can remember.

…No matter how hard you have tried, that weight keeps coming back.

…You’ve put yourself last for too many years, relinquishing self-care to attend to the needs of others.

…You haven’t let yourself need or want anything.

…You’re at midlife and your body is changing…again!

It’s no wonder, really.

All you’ve ever known is dieting.

It’s all your mom knew and it’s what your friends do. 

Restriction, scarcity and pain have been your constant companions and their presence in your life has been normalized by media messages about what it means to be a woman. 

For far too long you’ve let what takes up space on your plate take up too much room in your brain…… 

You don’t need to hear that there is anything wrong with your body… but you do need a solution. 

The solution is not found in endless diets that just leave us feeling deprived, hangry, and unsatisfied.

The solution?

UNLEARNING these toxic diet culture messages that value body weight above health and well-being.

CHALLENGING these toxic messages that cause us to fear food, obsess over the number on the scale, and over calories, points, macros, and feel guilt over all our food choices.

GIVING ourselves unconditional permission to eat all foods without fear, to enjoy food, to care for ourselves, and put our needs first.

MAKING CHOICES about our food and activity from a place of self-care, not self-control

You will learn that you are more than what you weigh and you are more than what you eat.

Food can be more than just fuel, and it can be more than a foe.

Instead of building a new diet plan, you can build walls that keep out diet culture and its toxic messaging.

You CAN let go of diet culture,

and you CAN learn to embrace intuitive eating!



This program is ideal for people who …

  • Have tried to follow an Intuitive Eating program but keep falling off the wagon.
  • Feel “at war” with your body and struggle with negative body image.
  • Have cut out entire foods or food groups from your diet.
  • Want to make changes and become an Intuitive Eater, but need guidance to stay on your path.
  • Would like to learn more about nutrition for menopause but don’t want to be “triggered” by diet culture messages.

The support and training are built on concepts found in the groundbreaking book, Intuitive Eating and the NEW Intuitive Eating Workbook, by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN.

Intuitive Eating Essentials has one main goal for participants and that is to help you continue your practice of intuitive eating as these skills require just that …practice!

Intuitive Eating is a personal process of trusting your inner body wisdom to make choices around food that honor your physical well-being as well as your emotional health!

To discover which foods feel good in your body, without judgment and without influence from diet culture. 

Intuitive Eating is not a diet or food plan.


There is no pass or fail,  no “blowing it,” rather it’s a journey of self-discovery and connection to the needs of your mind and body.  

Erica Leon with Evelyn Tribole

The Course Includes:

  • Access to the Intuitive Eating Essentials Curriculum, a self-paced, 8-module intuitive eating course designed to help you break free from the rigid rules of diet culture.
  • 8 (eight) training modules that cover the following topics:
    You mean I DON’T Have to be on a Diet?
    – Living a Valued Life: Shifting Your Thoughts and Behaviors, Developing Self-Compassion
    – Honor Hunger and Make Peace with Food
    – Mindfulness, Fullness and Satisfaction
    – Challenge Your Negative and Self-defeating Thoughts
    – Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness
    – Respect Your Body & Body Image
    – Gentle Nutrition & Physical Activity


  • A Bonus Module with menopause-focused lessons
  • Plan your way to a new you with the Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal
  • Bonus Resources in the way of worksheets, meditations, checklists and handouts.
  • Special Lessons with Guest Speakers held on various topics, such as managing changing body image through midlife, managing stress and “emotional” eating, developing self-compassion.
  • Find food peace while challenging our assumptions of “normal” eating, “healthy” body weights, and understanding and living our truest core values.

You will discover strategies and ways to:

  • Accept and understand the changes that happen to your body during midlife and menopause
  • Handle emotions, thoughts or circumstances WITHOUT depending on food
  • Find satisfaction and feel good about eating
  • Recognize hunger and fullness
  • Practice self-care to help you achieve your body’s natural, “just right” weight
  • Discover new tools to help you feel great in your own skin
  • Eat all foods without guilt or judgement!
  • Stop bashing your body!
  • Listen to your body’s true needs & find creative ways to provide them
  • Live your life from a place of self-acceptance & compassion
  • Recognize what emotional eating is really telling you (it has an important message for you)

What   clients    say   about    working   with    Erica…

Thank you so much for all the work we have done. When I do follow a schedule and write down what I am eating, I feel so much better and like I have my life in control. I will forever be grateful to you for giving me that tool and so many others.

Learning the skills and mindset of Intuitive Eating with Erica Leon has been truly a transformative experience. I came to Erica expecting that she’d help me find solutions, boundaries and an expectation for what nutrition should be, instead I found comfort, healing and a whole new approach to living. This is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I went to Erica Leon’s virtual group intuitive eating class, I truly gave up the diet mentality and the tools. I threw away all of the diet foods and tools including FINALLY the scale.  I’m feeling great and eating what I want in quantities my body needs. It’s been great. Thanks again!

Erica Leon’s course changed my life. I learned about the amazing way my body adapts during midlife, and that these changes are normal. I learned the fundamentals of intuitive eating, from how to notice my hunger and fullness to gentle nutrition for menopause. I loved being able to connect with other women who are having the same experiences. We laughed together, supported each other, and learned to let go of rigidity and fear around food! I feel more confident in my body, and able to make choices (even around the holidays) that are right for me. Learning to trust myself around food, I discovered, affected other areas of my life as well.”

This course will change your life! 

It’s time to

Expand and pursue your own self-care practices


Explore and unlearn those toxic diet culture messages that value body weight above health and well-being

Embrace and reconnect with your body's wisdom