The Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner & Journal 

Are you ready for a guided start to your Intuitive Eating Journey?


One that gets you OUT of the world of diet culture and restriction and INTO the world of FOOD FREEDOM!

Does this sound like you?

You’ve started on the path to ditching diets, but you find it very difficult to stay on track with the principles of intuitive eating.

You have had it with recording points, calories, and macros but you are lost when you are not planning and tracking something.

You want food to be a healthy and enjoyable part of your life, but you are so stressed about your food, your body and all the pressure that comes with making a BIG change in your habits.

The good news is, there is a tool that will help you with all of these stuck feelings.

The better news is… this tool is so easy to use and has helped so many women see success on their path to food freedom!

Introducing….The Eat.Live.Nourish™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal

You can start planning to succeed and achieve your goals – your food goals, your health goals and goals that matter to you!


“I love the planner. It’s beautifully designed and very practical.”


“Love the Menopause Symptom Tracker; it’s a wonderful guide to encourage thinking of monthly patterns to symptoms and to educate on what these symptoms could be related to.”


“Really like the Daily Planner that it has Top priorities, gratitude, my movement before the my schedule and To Do.”


“I love so many parts of this! The instructions were so helpful.”

My Eat.Live.Nourish™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal is the only journal that gives you, especially women in midlife, a way to focus on building self-care habits that are guaranteed to help you develop a happy, stress-free, and positive relationship with food.

I know, you may be thinking…

A wellness planner? A journal?

Really Erica?   

How will that help me?

It’s true…  using a journal and planner is one of the two ways many of my nutrition counseling clients have had long term success. 

(What’s the other way you ask?  It’s getting support like the kind I offer in my nutrition groups and programs.)

But honestly… using a journal and planner can truly be life changing.

It’s all about setting intentions to achieve your goals and build new habits that stick with you forever. And paying attention to all these thoughts and your habits.

That’s what makes the Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal different from all the other planners and journals out there.

The focus in my planner and journal is on YOU and YOUR SELF-CARE.

Why this focus?

Because planning and tracking numbers and macros and statistics is not going to help you change your habits…that is restricting and it’s how you end up on that roller coaster of dieting.

And, it is how you will stay there.

When your planning and journaling focuses on you and your self-care, this focus will drive your change in habits, and this is what will drive your Intuitive Eating Success. And all in a positive way!

Journaling is one of the best ways to help you achieve your goals.

Instead of burdening yourself with restrictive diets, which only lead to feelings of deprivation, backsliding and guilt, instead you will focus on the self-care strategies to improve your health.

It can be hard to develop the habit of using a planner and journal, but I will guide you along the way.

By using the Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal you will:

  • Plan your days, weeks and months with intention

  • Build your habits that support your journey

  • Track the things that matter for the long term, like your habits and not calories

  • Learn to let go of restrictions and dieting so you can really shine

  • See success and find that food freedom you have been seeking for years

Your path to happiness is not found in diets and food restriction.

Instead, when you choose intuitive eating, you discover new, exciting, nurturing and life-affirming activities and those are worth documenting.

You will be able to look back on how far you’ve come, remember the day you decided to give up dieting and see what that change looks like down the road.

My Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal will help you do this!

    You will learn to track your progress on your Intuitive Eating journey in a way that is a lot easier than staying stuck in diet culture. 

    You will discover that eating can be intuitive, rather than restrictive!

    Your Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal includes:


    • A video and guided lesson with Erica showing you how to use the journal and all the different pages inside.

    • A digital PDF copy of your Wellness Planner and Journal (There is a 1-month version to use digitally or you can print the planner so you can write and get the best experience possible.)

    • Bonus pages for easy printing of extra pages when you run out.
    • An eBook with a lesson to help you get the most out of using a journal.

    • An eBook with a lesson on and understanding the two critical concepts to making Intuitive Eating work.

    Are you ready to start look forward to, while reflecting back on, your Intuitive Eating Journey with sustainable habit changes and guided journaling?

    Intuitive eating is about learning how to make the right choices for your body, and the Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal helps you write it all down.

    Why do I say write it down?

    You could fill this planner and journal out digitally, but the action of writing things down helps you integrate them more deeply.

    This planner and BONUS lessons will help you dive deeper into food freedom and turn the page on diets forever.

    Are you ready to say goodbye to rigid diets and food restriction?

    Are you hungry for getting more out of life?

    This is the planner and journal for you.

    Read   what   others   are saying   about   this   journal…

    I love it! I think it’s so well thought-out and includes all of the things I would ever want.”

    I really like that you included the principles of intuitive eating. These are a good reference points and nice to have them handy, I LOVE the reflections page.”

    I really like the colors and the number scale for hunger and fullness on the bottom of that tracking page.”

    Here’s an Inside Peek of the Eat.Live.Nourish.™ Intuitive Eating Wellness Planner and Journal

    Refund Policy:  As this is a digital product and you receive full access immediately, we do not offer refunds.

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