Diets don’t work and they bring more unhappiness than peace with food.

I wanted to share with you a personal letter one of our team members wrote years ago to … her diet. 🤭

At a recent team meeting, all of us dietitians at Erica Leon Nutrition reflected on how much diet culture has impacted the lives of our clients. During this discussion, Rebecca Stetzer had a brilliant idea: “Why don’t we share my letter with our community? It could inspire others to do the same?”

Below you’ll find the heartfelt letter Rebecca penned.

The truth is, with everything going on in the world, we all need more peace, kindness and self-compassion. Sometimes, finding that peace starts by breaking up with diet mentality.

Feel free to use it for yourself.


breaking up with the diet mentality

Dear Diet,

Our journey has been quite a ride. Initially, everything felt perfect – your guidance on all things diet, nutrition, and exercise, led me to positive changes that I truly appreciated.

Shedding pounds, feeling more energized, and receiving compliments on how I looked  made me believe you were the key to my health and happiness. I was ready to shout our success from the rooftops.

But then, subtle signs emerged as time passed, suggesting things weren’t quite right.

Despite the valuable lessons on nutrition, I began to notice a substantial missing piece — How to navigate my emotions without always turning to food!

When sadness, loneliness, annoyance, anxiety, or joy struck, I found myself at a loss.

Your teachings needed guidance on building resilience and embracing self-love for my body and my authentic self. 

The emphasis on willpower and self-control led me down a path of self-hatred every time I felt  pleasure while eating.

 I’ve decided it’s time for us to part ways.

Yet, the fear of navigating life without you is as scary as treading water all alone in the middle of the ocean.

Will I spiral out of control without a diet?

 Will I confront the demons and unfulfilled aspects of my life?

Your reminders are everywhere – on TV, social media, conversations at work and school, and even in the critical glances and comments from my mother.

How can I do this by myself?

Deep down, I’ve sensed a nagging truth about our culture – one that glorifies thin bodies and unfairly judges larger bodies as lazy, unmotivated, unhealthy, and unhappy.

My health is just fine, so why should I have to conform to societal ideals? If anything is harmful, it’s the constant stress I endure, fixating on my appearance and maintaining the willpower to sustain myself on diets.

Well, I’ve decided to take a different path.

It’s time for an indefinite break from you as I embark on a journey of self-discovery.

I’m embracing self-compassion, accepting my body with all its imperfections.

My focus will shift to nourishing and fueling my body to pursue dreams, love my family, engage in activities that bring joy, and extend a helping hand to others.

The truth is, I’ve wasted too much of my life and too much time putting off  these things until I deemed myself “healthy. ” I am finally realizing that life is finite.

Diet, I initially thought the fault lay with me, that I was failing in the relationship. But the realization has dawned on me – you have failed me.

I am done with you Diet, and we are parting ways.

Forever not yours,

If this letter resonates with you, please know that you are not alone.

Reach out and book a call with me; let’s determine where you are in your food journey and what support you need and connect you with the dietitian who will help you break free from diet culture.

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