The body positivity movement has impacted the clothing industry… more or less.

More, in that we are seeing a record number of companies working to make their brands more inclusive.

Less, because according to a wonderful summary by Lindley Ashline, “For truly inclusive clothing, a brand needs to carry clothing from a 00 (XS) to 12X/size 40 US, ideally with a custom sizing option.” (And, even more ideally, with options for people who are short, tall or have sensory/mobility needs.)

Only a few brands currently meet this standard, including Smart Glamour and Universal Standard.

women's plus-size clothing retailers

Recently, I detailed my uncomfortable experience shopping for a plus-size dress as a mother-of-the-groom. You can see the video I made about this on my website. I counted the number of dresses I had actually tried on over the approximately 6 months of dress shopping. There were 32 dresses!

It makes me think about all of my clients (no matter their size or shape) who are either recovering from chronic dieting or recovering from an eating disorder. It is incredibly challenging to try on clothing when your body changes; the emotional toll it takes to watch your size increase is not for the faint of heart and just makes me angry at diet culture!

By filling out the form below, you can download a list of online plus-size retailers to save for your own use.

OR … Give it to someone you know who has been struggling to find clothes that make them feel good and fit! Please note this is NOT an exhaustive list, and MANY of these brands only carry up to a size 3X.

This is a working document, and we would LOVE your input to keep this list current and growing! Let me know if you have other retailers to add to the list.

Download your copy of the list of Women’s Plus-Size Clothing Online Retailers by filling out the form below.

We are seeing more challenges to diet culture in fashion, music, television, and movies.

Together we can challenge diet culture and help everyone find peace with food and their body image.

Eat Live Nourish Intuitive Eating Support Group for women 40 50 60

One of the ways we help our clients do this is with some of the group programs we offer at Erica Leon Nutrition & Associates, including our new group, Eat.Live.Nourish, for women over 40, 50, and 60. This group is for midlife women learning the principles of Intuitive Eating or those needing additional practice incorporating these principles into daily life.

Rebecca Rikon, LMSW, the Intuitive Eating Counselor and Social Worker in our practice, leads this support group. She identifies as a woman in a larger body and loves working with others who are learning to incorporate Intuitive Eating into their lives.

Click here for more details on the Eat.Live.Nourish program!