Our Dietitians specialize in eating disorders and also working with athletes with eating disorders.

The team at Erica Leon Nutrition has been growing in the past year and today, I wanted to highlight Simone Weingarten who works with our clients looking to partner with a Dietitian who specializes in eating disorders and sports nutrition.

You can learn more about Simone in the video below where she and I talk about what’s going on in today’s world when it comes to sports nutrition and eating disorders.

Listen in to the video below as Simone shares some of her experience and thoughts on athletes, nutrition and how those are going in today’s world.

Meet Simone Weingarten, MS, RDN, CDN, CPT (she/her)

Simone specializes in Sports Nutrition and Adolescent – Teen Eating Disorders and works with our clients at Erica Leon Nutrition who require these two areas of expertise to support them on their journey.

She describes herself as “An anti-diet and intuitive eating dietitian because I personally struggled as an athlete with eating disorders and diet culture! I missed out on many things because of dieting, and this inspires me every day to show others they don’t have to miss out on things in life either!

Simone is a sports nutritionist who works with athletes of all ages and abilities, from recreational to elite. She brings with her experience working with teens and adolescents as an eating disorder specialist who has worked at Clementine Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Simone believes strongly in the Health at Every Size® approach and works with our clients virtually from her office in Texas!

What Simone loves about being a registered dietitian who specializes in sports nutrition and eating disorder recovery is that she helps people learn what works for their bodies to be healthy and confident, as well as learning that nutrition is more than just basic food skills – it can be incorporated into medical nutrition therapy, performance, and lifestyle.

Before Simone got into the field of dietetics, she struggled with the diet culture belief that being “skinny” would lead to happiness. When that didn’t work out (because rarely does it work!) Simone knew her goals needed to change. She wanted to be STRONG, FIT, HEALTHY, and HAPPY! She did research on nutrition and exercise which helped change her life for the better! She helped family and friends learn why fad diets didn’t work, became a certified personal trainer, and created and managed her own fitness business, Simone Ashley Fitness. This was also when Simone started her journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian!

Read this article as a first step in understanding sports participations, athletes and the development of eating disorders.

If you know an athlete or family who may need the help of specialists like our Sports Nutritionist, Simone Weingarten, or our other team of Dietitians with Erica Leon Nutrition, please have them give us a call and book an initial consult. Our athletes of today and tomorrow need to know they can have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies and still be competitive.

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