If you are over the age of 40, 50, or 60+ ……I am confident you had a lot of diet culture growing up.

And probably a lot of negative body talk and obsessing about diets and weight gain. Like many clients we work with, you are tired of being on a diet, hating your body or both.

This is why working with a professional is often a path folks take.

They know that expertise will help them navigate their situation and make those changes that help them see success and live a happier life. A life with peace around food and body image.

But… did you know joining a group program to support you on your journey to changing your habits is another option?

It is one people often dismiss because they don’t want others to know about their situation, they don’t want to share, and they make a judgment call that “A group program will not work for me!”

This is so far from the truth!

Never judge a book by its cover!

This saying applies to so many things in life.

A group support program can often be the best path (and even the better path for some folks) to finally making those new habits stick and seeing the success you are after.

the embrace group can help you achieve your goals faster and better

In the case of the clients we work with, our group program, Embrace, helps the group members learn to truly nourish their body from the inside out – because of the support they receive from being with us, the specialists, and also the other group members.

That time with the group is often the factor that helps more people see success in achieving their nutrition and health goals.

Here are 5 ways a Support Group can help you achieve your goals faster – and better:

  1. You are not alone. It can be anxiety and stress reducing to get help and encouragement from others in the same situation as you.
  2. Sharing is both healing and empowering. Groups offer a place to get non-judgmental support so you can be open about your feelings and circumstances. Support from the leaders and the participants.
  3. More Hope. You need to know you can do this! Hope inspires you to stay on your path. Belief in yourself comes from knowing others are making the changes too!
  4. Boost your confidence. When you help others grow and make progress by sharing your experiences, you will increase your confidence in doing the same for yourself.
  5. Most group programs are generally have lower fees than working individually with a dietitian or counselor.

Before you dismiss a group program as “Not for you,” I urge you to read about some of the wonderful transformations that participants in our group programs have experienced:

“I loved being able to connect with other women who are having the same experiences. We laughed together, supported each other, and learned to let go of rigidity and fear around food! I feel more confident in my body, and able to make choices (even around the holidays) that are right for me. Learning to trust myself around food, I discovered, affected other areas of my life as well.”

Others have shared that they felt:

  • Relief as they shift the focus away from calories, points, weights and workouts. They now engage in life without the unnecessary stress caused by preoccupation with food and exercise.
  • More intuitive with other facets of their lives such as finding movement that is enjoyable and seeing which foods they enjoy guilt-free!

You too can feel more in control, proud of yourself and more confident as you move away from using the scale as a measure of self-worth! Find comfort, healing and a whole new approach to living within your group of people all looking to do the same.

Imagine, finally, letting go of diets and embracing intuitive eating is another step towards freedom and peace!

So if you have more questions and would like to know what you would need to do to work with one of our eating disorders dietitians, please reach out by booking a call with Erica, our practice owner. She’ll talk with you to determine the best dietitian on our team to work with you, for your specific nutrition needs.