May 6th was a very special day – it was International No Diet Day.

It’s one day out of the whole year we get to celebrate not dieting!

With a team full of Non-Diet Dietitians and Intuitive Eating Coaches, the Erica Leon Nutrition team have several tidbits of advice about International No Diet Day.

Diana Ushay, MS, RDN, CDN:

Being diet neutral or food neutral towards your kids will go astronomically far in helping them develop a healthy relationship with food and with their body image. Having an unhealthy relationship with food as a parent sends a subliminal message to your children that they’re not OK — that they need to change their bodies. So, take care of your own needs first.

Erica Leon, MS, RDN CDN:

What this day means to all you moms (or people who parent children) out there is, Stop talking about your own body image; stop talking about your own weight loss efforts, because your kids are watching you. If you’re struggling, get some help. Help is available and it is never too late to work on your relationship with food, exercise, and your body!

Simone Weingarten, MS, RDN, CDN:

I love the idea that we only have one life to live. No one cares how you look! You are your harshest critic. Why do we spend all our time judging ourselves? Why are we always talking negatively to ourselves? Why are we not enjoying our foods and the experiences around foods that we love? I get so bummed out when I hear the kids and teens I work with say they can’t enjoy time with friends — because they can’t eat out! They can’t get pizza or donuts or whatever else they perceive as “unhealthy.” It breaks my heart. I have such wonderful memories of going to Dunkin’ Donuts as a teen — especially in the summer – enjoying being out late, having a coffee and a donut. And hey, that’s part of the memories we make about our lives.

enjoy being you

Rebecca Stetzer, RD, CD:

This week I have been hearing a lot about comparison. It is teens, comparing themselves to others, moms comparing themselves to their sisters or their aunts — everyone wanting to be something that they’re not. You know, genetics matters! We are all meant to be a different size. Size diversity matters!

Erica Leon, MS, RDN CDN:

Yes! We’re not supposed to be one size! The bottom line is that diet culture is racist and…What are we saying when we want to shrink our bodies? When we want to conform to the standard of the patriarchy? Right now, women’s rights are being challenged in ways that are shocking in this century. Put it all together, and it’s about being controlled… by men, by white supremacy culture. Just think about it for a moment. Think about who’s telling you to change your body and what the purpose is!

Rebecca Rikon, Social Worker and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor:

I love hearing these different perspectives on this important topic. Freedom from diets leads to freedom in your life; When you drop out of diet culture, you get to focus your energy on much more important things.

Remember, we’re not supposed to be one size. Enjoy the relationship with that person you see in the mirror.

Okay friends – tell us what YOU think about International No Diet Day! What actions are you going to take to improve or turn around your relationship with food and body image?

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