We need to learn to care for our body the way it is today, right here and right now.

For many this time of year, the seeming answer to feeling better about themselves and improving body image means losing weight or other means of changing their body. But having the focus on changing your body makes you feel worse about your body in the long run. So, consider trying a different focus: making space for your body and caring for it the way it is today, right here and right now.
focus on your body and self-care
Here are some ideas:

  1. Nurture yourself. Doing things that are physically and mentally soothing can make you feel better both instantly and over time. Snuggle with a furry pet, take a hot shower or bath, put on comfortable clothing and watch a favorite movie or listen to music, take some deep belly breaths (this you can do anywhere/anytime!), ask a loved one for a hug or back scratch, meet a trusted friend for a fun activity, get a massage.
  2. Cut back on social media. How does social media make you feel? Does it build you up or bring you down? For many, time spent on social media often increases feelings of insecurity. Limit your total time on social media, or limit what you are exposed to by unfollowing unhelpful pages and following body positive supporters.
  3. Move Your Body. Moving improves mood and enhances body image regardless of your weight/size/shape. Choose movement that is considerate of your physical abilities, current fitness level, financial resources, and preferences to ensure that it is enjoyable and not too challenging or punishing.
  4. Focus on who you are, not what you look like. What are your personal strengths? What are your aspirations? What do you value in life? Oftentimes what attracts us to people has less to do with what they look like and more to do with who they are and their personal qualities. Culture may define beauty, but you don’t have to let it define your beauty. Everything about you, inside and out, makes you unique and makes no one else like you. That’s pretty damn amazing!
  5. Break up with the scale. If stepping on the scale results in an emotional rollercoaster, then it’s no good in your life. Your weight is not an accurate description of your health, your worth, or your happiness. Again, focus instead on self-care habits and let your body do its own thing.

Article by: Rebecca Stetzer, RD, CD
Rebecca is one of the team of Dietitians at Erica Leon Nutrition. She specializes in weight-inclusive nutrition therapy counseling for a variety of health conditions, but primarily eating disorders and disordered eating/body image concerns, gastrointestinal disorders, family and child feeding concerns, and cardiovascular conditions. Learn more about Rebeccca.
If you need help or have more questions, please reach out.  Start by booking a call with Erica, our practice owner, and she will talk with you to determine the best dietitian on our team to work with you.

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