Here are some different gift ideas for the non-dieter in your life!

If you have grown tired of hearing about fad diets and finally recognize (or are starting to recognize) that diets don’t work for the long term, consider giving thoughtful, body positive gifts.
These gifts will support your loved one’s authentic health in the new year. I have curated a list of gift ideas that will be sure to make your special person feel supported and loved in making peace with food and their bodies.
So many things are different now as we celebrate the END of 2021. Two long years dealing with a pandemic. Connection with family and friends has become more important than ever. The pandemic has also highlighted the enormous disparities in our country with privilege and power, and highlighted the oppression of black, brown and indigenous people. Communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by COVID — illness, death, job loss and lack of government assistance.
Body Positive Gift Ideas for the Non-Dieter
What does this mean to me? Now more than ever I want to highlight the importance of being intentional around our purchase power; Instead of shopping from big corporations this year, let’s put money into the pockets of small business owners – especially those with marginalized identities — by finding some of your gifts in this Guide. Let’s support diverse business owners.

Body Positive Gift Ideas for the Anti-Dieter

Gift Your Loved One With Some Self-Care from Diverse Business Owners

  1. Private Cooking Lesson with my colleague, Karen Ricks, of Our Kitchen Classroom.
  2. She Matters Subscription box by Boxed in: A self-care monthly membership!
  3. All Black Everything Tea Gift Set: Sipping tea is a lovely form of self-care!
  4. Element Medicinals Herbal Inhaler: Keep this with you for when someone tries your patience, you feel tired, have a headache, or have anxiety. Take three deep inhales and come back into your body. Ships within 5 business days.
  5. Self-Discovery Deck & Journal: Unique deck & journal daily practice providing 60 questions to help you discover your true desires. Drop ships on December 20th.
  6. Soap and Moisturizing Botanical BarVegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free. Our signature cactus soaps have a high concentration of plant butters that are perfect for dry or sensitive skin. Ships within 7-10 business days.
  7. Self Care Queen BundleSneak away to your bathroom and be prepared to indulge your senses with this Self-Care Queen Candle and Aura Cleansing Bath Soak.

Books to Encourage Body Kindness
To send a message about size acceptance and the non-diet approach, I highly recommend the following books:

Help Them to Become Body Positive and Recover from Dieting or Disordered Eating

Clothe Your Special Someone with Some Personal Styling

  • Stitch-Fix: This is a personal styling service for everyone — No matter your age, size or budget!
  • Dia and Company: Personal styling for the larger bodied woman.
  • Chubstr: Personal styling for the larger-bodied guy.
  • Thredup: This is the first online consignment thrift shop for your child, teen or adult woman in every size.

Food that Nourishes the Body and Soul

Instill Some Body Positivity and Celebrate Every Body for Young Girls through Adolescents

Have a happy holiday season and remember that learning to let go of diets and embrace your body’s natural shape is a gift.
This is a gift that just keeps giving, and can help your loved one:

  • Feel more comfortable around food and with their bodies.
  • Silence the critics who tell them they are not “good enough” just as they are.
  • Practice patience, not perfection.
  • Truly enjoy food.
  • Trust their bodies to learn to stop eating when satisfied.

Are you ready to move forward on your Recovery Journey with more food freedom?

Recipes for Recovery CookbookClick here to purchase your Recipes for Recovery Cookbook now!
Following the Recipes for Recovery Cookbook will help you:

  • Reconnect with positive eating experiences you had before the eating disorder
  • Explore new flavors, colors, textures and aromas that connect your senses
  • Experiment with previously forbidden foods that bring awareness to the present moment
  • Challenge and let go of food restrictions and rigid rules to rekindle a healthy and fulfilling pattern of eating
  • See success as you continue to discover food freedom