After what feels like a lifetime of quarantining and challenging COVID at every turn, some exciting changes are happening here at Erica Leon Nutrition.

exciting changes at erica leon nutrition

Our team is growing with new dietitians to help serve our clients and work with new clients too! In addition to Diana Ushay, MS, RDN, who joined us in the late Spring, we have now added 3 more dietitians to our family.

Meet our new Dietitians!

We will be sharing more details on each one of the new team members in some upcoming newsletters, but for now, here’s a quick meet and greet for these fabulous women who have joined us at Erica Leon Nutrition. Learn more about booking an appointment with one of the dietitians on the team.

Simone Weingarten, MS, RDN, CDN, CPT (She, Her)

Simone specializes in Sports Nutrition and Adolescent – Teen Eating Disorders.
She is a sports nutritionist who works with athletes of all ages and abilities, from recreational to elite. She brings with her experience working with teens and adolescents as an eating disorder specialist who has worked at Clementine Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Simone believes strongly in the Health at Every Size® approach and works with our clients virtually from her office in New York (and soon-to-be Texas!).
Fun fact about Simone? Simone used to be a competitive gymnast and she has lived in 7 different states: California, North Carolina, Maryland, Connecticut, Alabama, New York and Texas!

Megan A. Williams, MS, RDN (She/Her)

Megan specializes in eating disorders and disordered eating as well as weight-inclusive nutrition for a variety of health conditions.
She is a passionate, intuitive eating dietitian who comes to us from Center for Discovery Eating Disorder Treatment Centers (PHP and IOP) in California. As a working mother of two, Megan understands how parents and children, alike, are deeply impacted by eating patterns – both positive and negative. Megan provides culturally supportive care and works with adult and adolescent patients of all gender identifications.
Fun fact about Megan? Dietetics is Megan’s second career, following over a decade as a licensed cosmetologist in the beauty industry in Southern California. Megan was also in the arts world and used to be a freelance photographer.

Rebecca Stetzer, RD

Rebecca specializes in weight-inclusive nutrition therapy counseling for a variety of health conditions, but primarily eating disorders and disordered eating/body image concerns, gastrointestinal disorders, family and child feeding concerns, and cardiovascular conditions.
She is an eating disorders dietitian who also works at the Gunderson Health System PHP/IOP programs in Wisconsin.
Fun fact about Rebecca? In addition to her two children, Rebecca has 4 pets: 2 large dogs and 2 cats. She also is musical, having played the piano since she was 8 years old; most recently Rebecca has also taken up the violin.

From Erica: 

      I am so excited to welcome these skilled dietitians to Erica Leon Nutrition and we will continue to work with all of our clients (old and new) helping them to Eat. Live. Nourish.
All of our new Dietitians are taking on new clients! YES! This means the waitlist is no longer a thing here at Erica Leon Nutrition!”

We are excited to continue building our dietitian practice that is based on the following principles and core values of all of our team members:

We Believe: At Erica Leon Nutrition & Associates, all of our dietitians take a non-diet approach, individualize your nutritional needs and focus on your overall health and wellbeing rather than focusing on your weight. We believe that difficult relationships with food and body image are barriers to people living life fully. We are passionate about helping our clients develop a positive relationship with food and increased confidence in making food decisions.

We are committed to an anti-oppression practice and providing people of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicity, abilities, and socioeconomic levels with a whole-person, non-shaming approach to the mystery and miracle of living in a human body.

As a team we will be striving to embrace these core values:

Honesty, Authenticity and Reliability: We live in a world that encourages us to be fake, to put on masks, to put up barriers between ourselves and the rest of the world. We stand up for what we believe and openly share our point of view. We respect when others do the same. We want you to feel safe, and we want to meet you where you are. We strive to be dependable, as we believe that consistency is key to building trust. We believe that this is where healing starts.

To get started working on your health, please book a quick call with Erica to determine your needs and which of our Dietitians will be the best fit for your specific situation.