I  wanted to share some news about a special certification I now have…I am a licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator.

I completed my training with Connie Sobczak and Elizabeth Scott, LCSW, The Body Positive‘s Co-Founder and Director of Trainings.

Here is a little background on what this means…
The Body Positive training teaches professionals to use the Be Body Positive Model, which combines skills of self-compassion, intuition, creativity, and social connection, to help people reclaim their beauty, purpose, and the joy of living in their unique bodies.
be body positive facilitator new york We cover the Five Competencies of the Be Body Positive Model and, as a licensed facilitator, I can now use this modality with clients who struggle with eating disorders or body image.
It is something I also include in my Support Circle group and now teach a once a month training on Body Image using the philosophy of the Be Body Positive training. (You can be part of this group for just $1. Click here to learn more.)
What kind of research backs up this training you might wonder?
Stanford University has research from 2014 which showed that this model is strongly associated with self-compassion, healthy eating and exercise, more satisfying relationships, emotional well-being, and lower levels of anxiety. Cornell University is currently conducting a pilot study of their adaptation of the Be Body Positive curriculum for colleges. This is so exciting!

The Be Body Positive Model provides people of all ages, sizes, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and socioeconomic levels with a whole-person, non-shaming approach to the mystery and miracle of living in a human body.

This approach is so important to me. I know from my 30+ years of working as a dietitian, that people come in all shapes, sizes and from every background, and everyone is unique.
This Be Body Positive model is also based on five core Competencies, which are fundamental skills everyone we can practice on a daily basis to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies.
When my clients and students start to use these skills, I often find they begin to care for themselves from a place of self-love and appreciation, which allows them to live life fully and in the present – to strive for their purpose and life goals.
Health, as defined in this Be Body Positive model, recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and emotional needs in human beings.
We honor the experience and authority of the individual as the primary path to positive change. We stop following those rules set by others in this world of diet culture and we empower our clients with practical tools, inspiration, and support to find their own way to lasting good health and greater happiness.
This approach makes it possible to reach a widely diverse group of people.
Negative body image is linked to poor, overall life quality. It also leads to poor self-care, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, weight cycling, and relationship violence. There is even more concern about these harmful behaviors in teens and young adults, which is why I have chosen to take this training and work to help my clients, people like you, with body-oriented social emotional education. It is especially important to help young people create positive relationships with their physical selves in order to achieve their full potential.
I have worked with clients as young as 9 years old who have eating disorders. That is not how their life should be. They need to be out enjoying life as a kid, living fully, free from rules of what is and is not acceptable when it comes to body image and food. No one should be living a life ruled by food like that – not at any age.
Feedback indicates that the resources provided by the Be Body Positive Model can significantly boost body image, as well as the ability to regulate eating, overcome depression and anxiety, and increase self-worth.

Want to learn why diets don’t work (Hint: it’s not YOUR fault, but the fault of diets and diet culture) and how using mindfulness can help you become more aware of your body’s innate sensations of hunger and fullness. You can join my FREE online course, “Dip your Toes into Intuitive Eating”.

We are here to live our lives to the fullest. You can do this!