As I write this, I am feeling tremendous relief and a deep sense of gratitude.

Gratitude for the goodness in people. In a world that sometimes feels like it’s gone mad, I’ve had two experiences on my vacation this past week that restored my faith in common humanity.
On the first night of vacation, my husband and I went to the movies, got back to our hotel, and realized his wallet was missing. Searching frantically, it was nowhere to be found. The next morning, a kind man had found the wallet and returned it to us with contents untouched.
When we were returning from our vacation, I somehow left my phone in a taxi cab that dropped us at home. Yes, I was panicking, but again, a kind human returned my phone to me.
Simple Acts that Make a World of Difference. Gratitude.
When was the last time you were on the receiving end of someone’s gratitude? Not just a casual, “Thanks!” but an honest, heartfelt, deeply appreciative, “Thank you for ______________.”
It felt good, didn’t it?
Erica Leon, Can Gratitude Really Influence our Body Image?If it was someone who really knows how to say thank you, you were probably acknowledged for some sacrifice you’d made, and the way your gift or action made them feel…and your heart warmed, and your face smiled.
Gratitude is such a simple gift to give – so powerful, and yet so easy to forget. In a world where everything must be done 5 minutes ago, and rapid forward movement is the only way to not get left behind, gratitude and appreciation all too often fall by the wayside.
Yet, as you know, saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to bless others and lift them up. Gratitude makes the receiver feel seen, recognized and appreciated…and it can be done in just a few seconds.
Gratitude can also Help us Heal a Negative Body Image.
We all have bad body image days but using the strategy of gratitude towards how our bodies function can be very helpful indeed! Instead of saying, “I dislike my thick thighs,” can you say “I am grateful for these legs that allow me to walk and run?” Instead of disliking a certain body shape or body part, see if you can find something that you are grateful to your body for! Did you know that the practice of gratitude, in any form, has proven healing benefits!
10 Things to Be Grateful For
What do we take for granted? What moves us? What would fill our hearts daily if we would just notice it?

  1. Our Senses. The ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch are indeed daily miracles.
  2. Nature. From the late, summer tomato plant to the delicate stems of a flower, nature’s beauty is everywhere.
  3. Opportunity. Opportunity can be waiting around the corner…ready to take us down a path yet unknown.
  4. The Ability to Learn. There is no age limit on learning! When we stop learning, we really stop living.
  5. Young Children. Kids model innocence, faith, resilience and playfulness – often forgotten as we get older.
  6. Music. What inspires you? Lifts your mood? Rock & roll, African drumming, violin concertos, gospel? A nightingale?
  7. Giving. Every act of love benefits the giver as much as the receiver.
  8. Color. Sunsets, Monet paintings, green peppers, brown eyes. It’s hard to imagine a world without color…
  9. Change. It’s unavoidable; the only constant. Change can be unsettling, scary or challenging, but what lies ahead does keep us moving forward in life.
  10. Pets. They give us unconditional love. Such a gift.

How can YOU give the gift of gratitude TODAY?
I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude to loyal readers of my blog like you. My goal with my newsletters, blogs and my online programs is to help people looking to change their outlook on food, nutrition and body image…forever. Not as a fad, not as something to try, but as a way to make a long lasting change that stays with you always and helps you make peace with food.
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