With Thanksgiving behind us, we are now approaching the time of year when diet culture literally invades our homes. If you are tired of hearing about fad diets, consider buying a holiday gift that supports you or your loved one’s authentic health. Any of the following items will be sure to make your special person feel truly supported in making peace with food and their bodies.
Here are some gift ideas for the anti-dieter in your life!
Books to Encourage Body Kindness

  1. To send a message about size acceptance and the non-diet approach, I highly recommend Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. You will learn the theory behind why diets don’t work!
  2. Intuitive Eating Book and Intuitive Eating Workbook by Tribole and Resch. These are the seminal books written about the non-diet approach to living a healthy life.
  3. Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield. Learn to heal your body from the inside out.

Gift Your Loved One With Some Self-Care:

  1. Dip  Your Toes Into Intuitive Eating: An online Intuitive Eating program
  2. Yoga or meditation classes for all shapes and sizes: Curvy Yoga Online Classes or Gaia Streaming Yoga Online Classes
  3. Weighted Blanket: The ultimate stress reliever to wrap you in comfort if you are anxious
  4. Ultimate Printable Habit Tracker: This will help you track your new healthy lifestyle
  5. Nourished Self-Care Candle: The scent will remind you of your favorite spa, a mix of Birch and Lavender, Petitgrain and Sweet Orange – it’s soothing and healing

Teach Him/Her to Become Body Positive:

  1. FabuPlus Magazine: Help change the conversation with your body. Celebrate self-LOVE with a body positive quarterly health, fitness and lifestyle publication dedicated to the curvy community.
  2. “No Wrong Way to Have a Body”: An embroidered picture is a beautiful way to say, “I love you just as you are!”

Environmentally Friendly & Vegan Bags and Shoes (Just because I love them!) Need I say more?

  1. Vegan Boots: These boots are very special; you get 2 pair of boots in one
  2. Vegan Bags

Have a happy holiday season and remember that learning to let go of diets and embrace your body’s natural shape is a gift. This gift can help your loved one:

  • Feel more comfortable around food
  • Silence the food police who say they are not good enough just as they are
  • Practice patience, not perfection
  • Truly enjoy food
  • Trust their bodies to learn to stop eating when full

Diving into nutrition too early can derail your intuitive eating journey.” – Erica Leon