Halloween doesn’t have to be a scare-fest! Stick to your intuitive eating guns and find pleasure in the trick-or-treating festivities.

trick-or-treating festivities and intuitive eatingHalloween is the start of the holiday season, and though it can be merry and bright for some, for others struggling with food and body image, it can be the beginning of a stressful and complicated few months.
The key to surviving the most candy-saturated holiday of them all, though, is to remember one basic promise: You are allowed to feed yourself.
Seems simple, right? Too simple? I don’t think so.
There are way too many guides out there on how to avoid “indulging” in the Halloween shenanigans; tips on how to feel full or trick yourself out of your treats. And hey, maybe they work. But do they also make you feel like that Snickers bar is literally whispering sweet nothings to you? Yeah, I thought so.
So what if this Halloween, instead of looking for ways to get out of the whole thing, you tried embracing it instead? What if you looked at the bigger picture, and remembered that hey, this holiday, like all holidays, is actually about spending time with loved ones, and NOT obsessing about food? What if you put on a costume and went to a party and drank the punch and dabbled in the candy and the sweets? What if you could do all that without feeling guilty or ashamed, or bartering with your inner demons? What if?
I think if you remembered that one simple phrase, you might just be able to: You are allowed to feed yourself. And not only are you allowed to feed yourself, but you’re allowed to feed yourself anything and everything, and however much of it you want.
No diet tricks. No tools to circumvent the sugar.
My secret is leaving all that diet bullsh*t behind, and acknowledging that you, yes you, are allowed to eat that candy. All of that candy, if you want. Eat the damn candy. Feed yourself. Enjoy the holiday. Really, it can be that simple.

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Diving into nutrition too early can derail your intuitive eating journey.” – Erica Leon

Written by Ashley Seruya, B.A.