Nutrition is the last principle of intuitive eating for a reason!!

Gentle nutrition is the last principle of intuitive eating.If you focus on nutrition too soon, making peace with food and removing good and bad labels from different food groups will be SO much harder.
In fact, it’ll probably be pretty impossible.
But if you put nutrition on the back-burner and just wait it out, you can give yourself the space and time to really investigate how you relate to food on an emotional and mental level. Then, once all of that is sorted, you can start thinking about how foods make you *feel*; which foods give you energy and make you feel great.
In fact, at the end of the whole process, you probably won’t even be thinking about nutrition all that much because you will finally trust your body enough to sort it all out for you.
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  • How satisfaction is the missing key to discovering authentic nutrition.
  • Start to recognize that you’re so much more than the shape and size of your body!
  • See that you have many wonderful qualities on the inside, as we focus on becoming whole from the inside out.

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“Diving into nutrition too early can derail your intuitive eating journey.” – Erica Leon

Written by Ashley Seruya, B.A.