“Imagine a world where all bodies were valued and all people are supported in compassionate self-care.” – Linda Bacon
When we’re talking about creating a healthier society, we need to be asking some specific questions that most people never consider.
Instead of wondering how we can shrink the population, or how we can continue to educate youth and families on the nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables, it’s time to ask different questions.
It’s time to really investigate what we prioritize when we talk about health, and whether or not that prioritization is actually positively impacting people. It’s time to consider a new way, a paradigm shift, to a Health at Every Size perspective that considers how empowering individuals to self-care inspires health.

Erica Leon, Registered Dietitian -How Health at Every Size and Self-Care Can Improve Your HealthWe should be asking…
How would the world be different if we loved and accepted all bodies, no matter their size?
How would our health, as a collective, be different if we supported each individual in their own self-care needs?
How would our mental health, as a collective, be different if we pushed radical self-compassion, instead of self-hatred?
Research shows that focusing on self-care can have marked positive impacts on health. Research also shows that stigma, such as the discrimination individuals experience based on their weight, has a profoundly negative impact on their health. So I think these questions are pretty easily answered.
If we eradicated stigma and supported self-care, we would have healthier, happier people.
So let’s get to work!

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