frappes and intuitive eating

Did you know that the word frappé means beating or striking together in French?

Or that the frappé originated in Greece? A distributor of Nescafe coffee accidentally created the cold frothy drink which is now the most popular coffee beverage sold in Greece. Visit New England and youwill find the frappe is a milkshake. A frappé is quite the international drink.
If you google the word, frappé, you’ll be inundated with articles on the best and worst coffee drinks for your health, how to order healthfully at Starbucks, and watch your waistline with frappés!
It’s enough to make a person feel truly guilty for wanting a little fun food now and then.
Well … guess what?

This October 7th is World Frappé Day!!

In honor of this day, I encourage you to enjoy your frappé’s (or whatever fun food appeals to you). Enjoy your frappé with no judgement or morality. Seriously though, having one beverage with sugar (or fat, or dairy, or whatever nutrient you feel is “unhealthy”) will not send you down the rabbit hole of poor nutrition.

Intuitive eating allows you to enjoy all foods, because you learn to make peace with all foods.

There are no “good” or “bad” foods; no crime has been committed by partaking in a coffee drink. This is called “gentle nutrition,” which is a nutritional approach that looks at our food choices from a non-judgmental, neutral perspective. I reject the whole notion of the strict diet mentality because I have seen the suffering and pain that it can cause – being a slave to the scale, judging oneself as “good” or “bad” depending on what you have eaten and, ultimately, disordered eating. I am not aware of any sin inherent in having a frappé. Are we more virtuous if we deny ourselves the pleasure of a yummy frappé and instead choose a piece of fruit when our taste buds surely would have preferred the frappé?
Intuitive eating also recognizes that we can look at our food consumption over the course of a week or two, or a month, rather than simply one day to assess if our nutrition needs are being met. Gentle nutrition means we take matters of food preference, as well as nutrition, into account when we choose what feels “just right” for our mind and body.
This might sound a little funny… food preference is a part of nutrition?
Yes! Satisfaction is a cornerstone of gentle nutrition, and it must be respected if we are to really embrace the gentle nutrition model. Gentle nutrition also means that we can make mistakes in our eating, simply because of circumstance or choice. It means that we can view these “mistakes” not as slip ups or problems, but as learning experiences.
Finally, gentle nutrition acknowledges that a diet including a wide variety of satisfying food will ultimately leave us feeling our best.

So let go of food morality and instead, go for food neutrality.

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