Please welcome Elyse Falk, MS, RD, CDN, to Erica Leon Nutrition! 

Elyse is already providing nutrition therapy, as well as individual and group meal support to help clients feel more comfortable around food. Authentic and passionate about helping those with disordered eating patterns, Elyse has worked at the residential program, Monte Nido New York, and at Cedar Associates, a private outpatient eating disorder program. Elyse graduated from Syracuse University and holds a master’s degree in nutritional  sciences from New York University.


Lunchtime Meal Outings on Tuesdays!
Elyse is now leading group meal outings to help those with disordered eating patterns feel more comfortable in any restaurant situation.
Fee is $75 plus cost of meal. For more information, contact Erica at:
(914) 693-2174 or