If you’re ready to feel HEALTHY and HAPPY, start eating normally and settle into a weight that’s natural and comfortable for your individual body, all while working with an understanding, supportive, and knowledgeable coach, you’re in the right place.

At Erica Leon Nutrition, we offer customized and specialized nutrition services to help our clients transform their lives.

Erica is Registered Dietitian and an Eating Disorder Specialist.  


She works with clients, young and old, looking to change their eating habits. She helps clients like you, stop the struggles with food and your body.

Whether you want to stop your yo-yo dieting or change your nutrition and habits due to an eating disorder or to improve your health, our professional dietitians can help you. At Erica Leon Nutrition, we offer several types of Nutrition Counselling, Nutrition services and even group workshops … more details are listed on each below.

Nutrition Services and Programs

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Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

We offer nutrition counseling and education along with support for meal planning, eating out, and grocery shopping.  We know this first appointment can be difficult, and we are here to support you and your family.  We offer nutrition counseling and education along with support for meal planning, eating out, and grocery shopping.

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Intuitive and Mindful Eating

If you are ready to get off the Diet Roller Coaster and develop long lasting eating habits, Intuitive Eating will help you. Stop beating yourself up and learn to love your body. Erica knows we can have a healthy body at any size. Discover how Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Counseling can help you

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Teen and pre-teen Nutrition Counseling

Teens have very unique nutritional needs and oftentimes need more education on how to eat in a balanced, sustainable way. Counseling on how to manage eating as a vegetarian, information on body image, exercise, emotional eating, nutrition for sports and overall healthy eating is provided specific to youth and adolescents.

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Group Classes and Workshops

We offer many of our services for groups as well as private sessions.  Our Intuitive Eating Virtual programs run several times a year and help you develop healthy habits for life.

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Erica Leon Nutrition offers both individual and group sessions in our White Plains, New York office. Virtual sessions including skype, phone, & e-mail are also available.

Contact us to inquire about our Nutrition Services.