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Values and Intuitive eating: Can they help me stop dieting and make peace with food?

Do you constantly diet, feel super motivated and suddenly — out of nowhere —  comes a craving?  You give in to it and your resolve is gone. “I cheated” say those voices in your head,  feel like a failure – so what the heck? I might as well eat more and worry about it later.”

If you value yourself — and authentic health and happiness — than starving, bingeing, and over-exercising certainly seems to go against those values.


What are values?

Values are the core aspect of who we are as people. We drive our kids to soccer and attend all their baseball games because family is a core value. We spend hours cramming for an exam because we know deep in our hearts that we value education and want to attend a good college. We get out of bed to earn a living because we value being a productive member of society. Our actions are all driven by the values we hold near and dear.

When we engage in activities or thought patterns that go against our values, we feel uncomfortable. When I worked in the field of “weight management,” I came up against my own personal values of resisting diet culture and providing compassionate medical care. We know that diets do not work, and can lead some down the rabbit hole of disordered eating.  I value my work as a nutrition therapist and feel tremendous satisfaction in helping people make peace with food. So how can knowing our values help us move forward and embrace a different approach to caring for our mind and bodies other than rigid diet and exercise? Come learn a new approach to health that is in line with your values and get off the diet roller coaster — Come and discover intuitive eating!


What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is the gentle approach to improving health by becoming the expert over your own body and its many sensations. This means saying “good riddance” to strict diets that promote negative self-judgments, shaming and body loathing, “good foods, bad foods” and controlling your food intake and body size. Intuitive Eating supports embracing compassionate self-care by honoring hunger, registering fullness cues, finding satisfaction in our meals, moving our bodies in a way that feels good, and finding new ways to comfort ourselves without food.


According to Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Susan Schrott DCSW, LCSW, CEDS, CYT, she encourages everyone to “define your core values. Then take specific actions to support those values. In doing so, you move away from disordered thinking and behaviors. Learn to notice thoughts and feelings without judgment, while taking actions that support meaningful and mindful choices and a compassionate relationship with one’s food and body.”


Life is tough, and many decisions are about determining what you value most. Take the time to understand true priorities in your life, and you’ll be able to determine the best path moving forward. To learn more about Intuitive Eating, authentic health and your truest core values, sign up for my e-course:

Intuitive Eating Basics 101: Live Your True Values and Find Food Freedom and Body Peace Forever

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